Monday, April 18, 2011

“You don’t have a heartbeat, Laurel. You probably don’t even have a heart.” - David

Wings - Aprilynne Pike
294 pages
Genre:  YA; Urban Fantasy - Fairies

Summary:  Having been homeschooled all of her life, Laurel and her family move to a new town where she is enrolled in a public school.  Right away, Laurel notices she’s a little bit different from everybody else:  she only eats whole foods (mostly foods full of sugar, like fruit), she doesn’t get cold all that often, and her hair is perfect without her having to do anything to it.  Things get even weirder for Laurel when she wakes up one morning and notices a mysterious growth on her back.  Will she discover the mysteries surrounding her life, or is she really just a freak?

Review:  ::sigh::

This book had a lot of flaws, didn’t really do anything for me, and I’m very glad that I got it for free on my Kindle.

One of the biggest things that bothered me was the way in which events unraveled throughout the story.  Everything seemed rushed and unfinished, and everything was way too easy for Laurel.  She started her first day of school, and as soon as she walked in the door, she met a guy and a whole new group of friends.  Really?  Not buying it.

The characters were rather one-dimensional, and I didn’t care about what happened to any of them.  Laurel’s relationships became very serious way too quickly, and it didn’t make them seem believable at all. 

I’m sure some people would like this book, but it definitely wasn’t my cup of tea.

Rating: 2/5

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