Monday, February 13, 2012

"Dad reckoned there was a rational explanation for everything, even things that made no sense at all. UFOs, ghosts, God—they’re just the names people have come up with for stuff they haven’t worked out yet."

Flip – Martyn Bedford

272 pages

Genre:  YA; Fantasy

Summary:  On a seemingly ordinary day, Alex, a fourteen-year-old boy, does what he always does and goes to bed.  Instead of waking up in his own home, however, he finds himself six months into the future, and worst of all, in another boy, Flip’s, body.  Will Alex figure out why this happened, and will he ever be able to find his way back to his own body?

Review:  The thing that immediately drew me to Flip was the concept.  What would it be like if you were able to switch bodies with another person?  In all honesty, it’s something that I have thought about on more than one occasion, so I was really excited to read this book.  Overall, I found Flip to be quite fun, and I really enjoyed following Alex on his journey as he figured out what happened and why.

While the concept itself is, of course, fictitious, the way in which Alex handled the events that transpired was definitely believable.  Alex displayed just the right amount of shock and horror, yet he strove to correct the situation immediately.  I thought it was great that even though Flip was a more popular boy than Alex and seemed to live a charmed life, Alex was still eager to leave his new life behind and get back to his old life with his own family and friends.  It was also interesting to see Alex trying to explain himself to his new family.  He flat out told them that he was someone else, and they just sort of shrugged it off as if he were joking around, which is probably how anyone would’ve handled that situation.

The other characters were also really well-done, and I especially enjoyed Flip’s sister, Teri.  The relationship between Flip and Teri was so typical of that between a brother and sister, and I enjoyed their banter and Teri's teasing immensely.

Flip would probably appeal the most to reluctant readers, especially teenage boys.  If you enjoy fiction that deals with body switching and adds a touch of mystery, try it out!

Rating:  3/5