Monday, February 13, 2012

"You will take me in to your fractal meaningless babble; the quick of my mouth, the madness of my tongue."

In the Next Galaxy – Ruth Stone

120 pages

Genre:  Poetry

National Book Award for Poetry, 2002

SummaryIn the Next Galaxy is a book of poems in which the poet reflects upon many themes, including love and loss.

Review:  I first discovered Ruth Stone last November, after the unfortunate announcement that she had passed away.  I quite enjoy poetry, and it’s truly a shame that I had never heard of her up until that point, especially since she won the National Book Award.  After perusing the titles of the books she had written, I decided to make In the Next Galaxy my introduction to Stone’s work, and I’m very glad I did.

In the Next Galaxy had beautiful, lyrical language, and I found myself completely absorbed in the poems therein.  In just a few words, Stone was able to create powerful, haunting images that have stuck with me for quite some time.  Her observations about life were poignant and complex, and while many of the poems were unhappy, they really exemplified the human experience.

If you’re a fan of poetry that, while not always happy, is still incredibly beautiful and thoroughly examines love and loss, I definitely recommend In the Next Galaxy.  While this book sometimes goes into uncomfortable places, I enjoyed the ride quite thoroughly, and I’m truly looking forward to reading more by Ruth Stone.

Rating:  4/5

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