Friday, March 9, 2012

“I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, then all at once.”

The Fault in Our Stars – John Green
313 pages
Genre:  YA; Realistic Fiction; Cancer
Review:  At the tender age of 12, Hazel was diagnosed with Stage IV thyroid cancer.  Fortunately for her, her tumors began to shrink when she was 14-years-old, and she was granted a second chance at life…or at least, some kind of life.  Things never really went back to normal for Hazel, now 16, and everyday still presents a challenge, as she is still bound by her oxygen machine.  When she meets Augustus, a handsome teenage boy whose cancer is in remission, her life is turned upside down.  Can they have their romance, despite all of the circumstances that may prevent them from doing so?
Summary:  I knew The Fault in Our Stars was going to be about cancer, so even though I pre-ordered this book (and received a signed copy; yay!), I had to mentally prepare myself to read it.  It took me a few weeks, but with a box of tissues in hand, I finally picked it up and was totally sucked in.  Ultimately, I found The Fault in Our Stars to be a completely all absorbing read, and even though the subject matter was really difficult, I read through the entire thing in just a few hours.
The Fault in Our Stars was extremely well-written, which is exactly what I’ve come to expect from John Green.  His writing was thought provoking and emotional, and it really got the reader into Hazel’s head to feel what she was feeling.  Hazel was a wonderful main character, and I loved her wit and intelligence, even through all of the terrible things that were going on in her life.
The romance between Hazel and Augustus was so sweet, and I thought the two of them were a terrific pairing.  They were able to share so much because they were both forced to grow up so fast as a result of their respective diagnoses, and their affection for one another seemed so genuine.  I truly enjoyed watching their love story unfold.
The conclusion of this book caught me completely off guard, but after thinking about it, there were several hints laid out in the text that I just didn’t associate with the ending.  I didn’t like the way it ended at all, not because it was a bad ending, but simply because it made me sad.
If you enjoy thought provoking books, or if you’re a fan of John Green’s other work, grab a box of tissues and read The Fault in Our Stars.
Rating:  4/5
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    1. I love it, too! It was really hard to pick just one quote for this book, but in addition to this one being awesome, it also tied into the plot really well.