Sunday, April 28, 2013

“If I win, I'm a prodigy. If I lose, then I'm crazy. That's the way history is written.”

Artemis Fowl – Eoin Coiffer
316 pages
Genre: Children’s, Adventure

Summary: Artemis Fowl is a 12-year-old evil genius who revels in criminal deeds. After kidnapping a fairy named Holly, things become infinitely more complicated. Can Holly escape Artemis’ malevolent clutches?

Review: The Artemis Fowl series is constantly circulating in my library, so I decided to read the first book to see what all the fuss is about. I didn’t really find anything special here, but the adventure within its pages makes it easy for me to understand the appeal it has for kids.

As much as the action will entice young readers, the plot never really drew me in, and I even found the scenes that were supposed to be exciting incredibly dull. I couldn’t quite muster up enough feeling to care about any of the events therein, and it all seemed very predictable to me. I think this is largely because of the simplistic writing style, which I wasn’t very fond of, but again, kids probably enjoy the straightforwardness.

I also didn’t really care for any of the characters, and found them to be quite two-dimensional. Artemis didn’t really seem all that compelling to me, and I wasn’t on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what Holly’s fate would be. Perhaps more character development is done later in the series, though.

While I didn’t like most of the characters, there was one standout for me: Juliet. I really enjoyed the scenes that she was in, and I especially liked that they used professional wrestling to distract her for hours. I used to be am a really big wrestling fan, so when she was talking about different moves and whatnot, it cracked me up.

There was also quite a bit of humor throughout that the book would delight young readers. This, combined with the basic writing style, also explains this series’ massive popularity, as it’s funny and easy to understand.

While this book wasn’t my cup of tea, I can certainly see why children gravitate towards it. Fans of 39 Clues will love Artemis Fowl!

Rating: 1/5

Read-alikes: 39 Clues series – various authors, Harry Potter – J.K. Rowling